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presented this Fall '22


Review: YOU'RE GONNA LOVE TOMORROW! at Theater2020

Now on stage through November 6th

by Kristen Morale Oct. 21, 2022  


When was the last time you encountered something, or perhaps met someone, which made you look forward to tomorrow? When were you last given a reason to be propelled into a world of possibility, of chances not yet taken and exciting experiences not yet had? Not quite yet in the aftermath of Covid, there's a certain preciousness to something that gives us incentive to enter a new day with hope, with appreciation of those things we may not have thought possible to ever feel the same about again.

With that in mind, it's comforting to know that, regardless of what challenges our world goes through, there are two things that will never change: the presence of inspirational people with an undying need to create something beautiful, and those of us who need the catharsis such individuals bring into our lives. Fortunately, theater has risen to the challenge of a battered world and brings both to perfect fruition. And not just the idea of theater, but actual quality theater which absolutely has the power of renewing our sense of hope in the world. Productions that make us want to be great, to see great things happen and stir within us a special feeling that yes - we may actually be able to see my tomorrow in an exhilarating new light. As luck would have it, Theater 2020 is ready to accept the challenge with its current production You're Gonna Love Tomorrow! - an evening of Sondheim that you are sure not soon to forget.

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